It’s summer time in Argentina. Days are long, sunny and weather can get hot.

For those escaping from the winter blues and looking to play tennis, hike or play golf in the summer time, planning and being prepared it’s key to avoid problems during summer vacation days.  

When practising tennis in hot weather, our regular performance levels  can quickly sap away. The usual symptoms are fatigue, less power and legs feeling a little bit heavier.

Let’ see what pros take into account when playing tennis on outdoor tennis courts in warmer climates.

Here are some suggestions to keep cool and safely get through the heat and keep winning points from ASICS:

1. Stay Hydrated

The number one rule is to take on as much liquid as you lose through sweat – that’s about 32 - 85 ounces (1 – 2.5 liters) during an hour of play.


2. Keep Your Drinks Cold

Cold drinks are absorbed by the body faster and they’re more refreshing on hot days. So bring a cooler to your match and fill it with ice and the drinks of your choice.


3. Drink Before You’re Thirsty

Thirst is not an effective warning system – in fact, your performance will have been suffering before you feel thirsty at all. Drink at regular intervals whether you feel like it or not.


4. Cut Alcohol and Caffeine

Drinking alcohol the night before the game puts you at higher risk of dehydration. Coffee has a similar effect on the body, so skip your morning jolt of caffeine and stick to water.


5. Play in Breathable Clothing

Letting your skin breathe is one of the most effective ways to stay cool. Mesh panels on our tops and shorts let air flow through them, and breathable fabric means you don’t overheat.


6. Keep the Sweat from Your Eyes

You could go for the sweatband or try out a tennis cap.


7. Minimize Your Running Game

Baseline players beware: all that running from side to side will tire you out faster. Consider bringing your game closer to the net and end points quickly.


8. Start Out Slowly and Acclimate

Your first few matches in the heat will be a real shock. But if you start out slow, your body should be able to acclimate. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout, though, even if your body is responding well to the hot weather.


9. Avoid Playing in the Middle of the Day

A long tennis game on a warm and starry night is one of the joys of summer. Find a local court that has floodlights and play after dark. It’s a comfortable way to get your game in for the day and you don’t run the risk of sunburn.


10. Use Ice Packs

Cool down faster by putting ice packs against areas where important arteries are located, such as the groin and armpits. It cools the blood and boosts blood flow to your muscles.


Other useful tips to stay healthy in hot weather are:
Clothing: The right clothes can keep you comfortable. For example, wearing light colours that reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them (as dark colours can) helps keep you cool. In addition, lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that breathes well will help your body regulate temperature. Nylon and polyester are good choices.

Health tips: Protect yourself against sunburn, dehydration, over-hydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 

Avoid the hottest time of day: The hottest time of day is usually around noon to 3 p.m. Avoid sports activities during the warmest hours of the day. 

But remember, common sense it’s key to keep us cool on the courts and be mindful of how our body is adapting or reacting to the heat while we play. Also important is replenishing the body's fluids by drinking water all day long. 



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